Day 10 Chambrayaday | Chambray | Pattern Play | Mix & Meld

I find that most of my friends, family, and clients have multiple personalities when it comes to what they like to wear or what I would call their "personal brand."

Day 9 Chambrayaday | Chambray | Skinny Jeans | Not quite a Pants Person

I've been waiting to wear this outfit until I mustered the energy to don a pair of jeans (gain my pants perspective here).

Day 5 Chambrayaday | Chambray | Travel Style

Day 5 marks the last day of our mini-vaycay in North Carolina and my continual addiction to what "Fall" really feels like.

Day 4 Chambrayaday | Chambray | Travel Style | Wedding

I knew I wanted to find a way to dress up chambray while keeping the look wedding appropriate.

Day 3 Chambrayaday | Chambray | Travel Style

On day three, my husband and I were flying to North Carolina and I needed an outfit that would keep me comfy through two flights and allow me to touch-down in Asheville, ready to explore.

Day 1 Chambrayaday | Chambray | Orlando Stylist | Personal Style Fun

Today's look uses this yummy new shirt from anthropologie that feels as soft as a well-worn & well-loved vintage tee.


I'm inspired by a stellar conversation with an entrepreneurial girlfriend (shameless plug: check her work out at about social media, 30 day posting challenges, defiance, what mascara we want to try, the usual etc. etc.


What to say about the ‘bray? I’ve been against the chambray trend for some time now and couldn’t understand why? When I think back to the denims of my youth, a lot of these feelings had to do with the scarily aggressive, borderline trailer park, full denim “business” suit. Top to bottom, the denim was rarely the same wash but still sent the message of… "I’m here to eat all your Cheetos, tap your Natty dry, and keep it classy." The full expression of the denim suit is on the same playing field as the male “jhort” and the awkward length-- “this is my date night” --far too busy for her own good, we've seen them on 'What Not to Wear,' mom look denim skirt. (shew! that was a mouthful! and it flattens your butt not flatters it!)

Thanks to women who want to break the above mentioned stereotypes, the denim is coming back in more tasteful, tailored ways and in strong pairings such as bright colored jeans or leggings, cardigans and pearls, and over-sized necklaces and short skirts.

And to be fair it is chambray that is making moves, not denim.

Merriam Webster defines chambray as : "a lightweight clothing fabric with colored warp and white filling yarns." say whaa? whilst denim is defined as: "a firm durable twilled usually cotton fabric woven with colored warp and white filling threads." did you catch that air of mystery? slight difference between the two.

I found my match made in "warp" (still can't help you there) heaven at J.Crew in a beautiful fitted look so as to showcase my feminine figure. Anthropologie also offered a fabulous option made out of Tencel (uuuuber buttery on and gets softer the more you wash and wear) but found this option too boxy for my shape. (* all this talk about "shape" and women-dom makes me feel like my nana!)

Find what works for you and play with different options like tucking one side in, leaving the buttons un-buttoned, tying the ends up, you name it! and make it feminine.

Rosie the Riveter did, and she's the cultural icon of American working women. No excuses!

*Spoiler alert: check out her turban she's twerkin'