lululemon lifestyle shoot

It's no secret i lurrrrrve me some lululemon and quite frequently sneak it into my outfits...even when I'm not working out. I partnered with the gorgeous new Winter Park location to create looks that showcase that very notion; style AND function, beauty AND strength. 

Of course I had to utilize the talented Amalie Orrange Photography to capture our work and take advantage of the morning light off "the avenue." You can also find our models, Riki and Kurt, in the store and happy to help you find the right clothes to support both your workout and now...your streetwear.

 Check out all the looks below!

LULULEMON-Lululemon with Copyright-RikiCUHood.jpg

Clothing and models provided by lululemon athletica Winter Park

Accessories & Styling by me, Leah Lou

Photography by Amalie Orrange Photography



&GO: a lifeSTYLE showcase

my recap of a style movement initiative brought to you by Leah Lou and lululemon athletica

logo by Rachael of c3

Like most great ideas... mine are formed in the think-tank that is my bathroom shower. When they've made it from sudsy shower to keeping me up at night and inspiring me while I'm brushing my teeth, driving, and drinking my coffee...then I know it's an idea worth sharing.

My sharing came during a workout session with a dear friend who works at lululemon in the Mall at Millenia. Lauryn was a former co-worker, a current close friend, lover of style and accessories, and fabulous "idea grabber." I say this because we love to swap ideas and become sounding boards for one another. I shared my vision for the busy-women of Orlando... a vision where these women who already go from being mom, to career, to workout (and all the activities for herself and her family in between), embrace the idea of working their workout gear into their wardrobe in a way that truly works for them both functionally and fashionably. How would they embrace this style movement?

  • attending a fashion show that
    • highlights local community figure-heads as the models (those attending the event would also come to support their friends and further the law of attraction).
    • incorporates active-wear into looks that work for the workplace, date-night, errands around town, and a play-date with your kiddos (styled alongside clothing most women would have in their closet; ***this is where my stylist skills shine!***)
    • supports local businesses and initiatives through showcasing accessories in the show that could then be shopped on sight; making these inspirations tangible. *ticket sales also went directly to support Market Colors
    • evokes the elements of a woman most of us want to be--chic, fun, dynamic and empowered.

From there we collaborated to make this idea a reality and began planning all the parts and pieces. We utilized our connections in the community, relationships we had fostered, and the notion that "it never hurts to ask." The event began to form and all the right people were coming together to volunteer their time. As a big believer in the the natural pull of the universe, I was already seeing the "law of attraction" (like attracts like) come into full effect.

&GO was taking shape!

graphics/invite by Caroline of Made Vibrant

Lauryn and I felt like we were planning our weddings all over again! ha! Plus, per usual, I was tackling multiple big projects and ended up closing on a home the VERY SAME DAY as the event. I would not change a thing.


all images courtesy of Cameron Mora


The evening was a complete success because:

  • attendees were giving us amazing feedback, saying things like "I feel like I'm in sex & the city," "I don't think I'm cool enough to be here!-- (NOT true!)" and "I can't believe this is happening in Orlando...I feel like I'm in New York or L.A.!"
  • every vendor present was women-driven and promoting/gaining recognition and sales for their brand and business
  • the models (community rockstars) were able to put their nerves and novice aside and have a blast with one another. I saw women enjoying a night away from their usual responsibilities; constant smiles, laughter, and feelings of connection were emitting from backstage of the fashion show
  • I furthered the mission of leah lou by talking about who the models were as women (I styled and MC'd the fashion show) and how their outfits influenced and added to their daily lives.
  • women were networking and enjoying themselves until long after the event was over
  • attendees were asking when the next &GO event would be

I am proud that an event like &GO succeeded in our community and inspired a sense of connection, support, and empowerment. I am grateful to the partnership and support from lululemon and specifically the team at the Mall at Millenia.

You never know... maybe I will create more events like this in the future.


Kudos and huge thank you to all our vendors:


A Knack For Knitted

It's that time of year...There's nothing like a cool Florida morning to have native women combing their closet for every, I mean every piece of winter clothing and accessories she owns. Us seasoned veterans know that this morning, this one hour (pray the whole day) may be the one and only opportunity this winter to bust out our boots, scarves, puffy vests, you name it and we look bundled.My knewest (pahaha catching the spelling wit in three...two...) love is knitted varieties (one!). Specifically socks, boot socks, leg warmers, & sweater tights. The former variety being the most difficult to find made well, & the latter being my new piece to put a smile on my face as chilly mornings become humid and sweltering Florida winter afternoons.

I find I am first skeptical of trends until I make a solid decision on them. Usually during the decision making process I have to go back to "where have I seen and rejected this before." Journey with me as I do that now with fun/funky socks

-Elementary school. Absolutely positive it's something Limited Too forced on me...that, and glitter roll-on gel. -Girl's flag football games (not just a yearly powderpuff, I had TWO varsity letters in this sport) -An unexpected Christmas stocking stuffer from my nana *Let's pause here as a story unfolds. My nana is notorious for buying gifts from catalogs in the comfort of her own home. She is also the same nana to give you gifts, for majority of your adolescent and adult life, that involve a favorite animal of yours. My cousin Meredith's was a penguin and mine was... I didn't have one. However, my mistake in not having one was giving my nana "carte Blanche" to choose mine for me. So cats it was! I received decorative soap bars, pjs, knick knacks etc.

So from backstory of clever gift giving, fast forward to these Playboy bunny knee high socks (see end of post) from delightful, so ridiculously loving nana. I open them among other items in my stocking, laugh it off thinking nana had zero clue she ordered this specific brand. Until, 10 minutes later nana asks "did you see those Playboy bunny socks I bought you?" Holy cannoli!

Back to socks and boot socks milestones -I worked for JCrew for a few years and often bought their argyle and preppy-tastic prints -themed Sorority mixers (this is where both the JCrew and 3pack Playboy socks came in handy)

Ok NOW I have found a length and theme of boot sock that makes me happy. Cue the "run for latte" sock by lululemon athletica. I have only two basic pair now but I desire more. I love to wear them a bit slouchy so they look relaxed and lived in. Bonus: these babies are treated to wick sweat away so they breathe well & keep my feet dry.


They look amazing with ankle boots or even peaking out of a medium length boot. I happily wear that combination with dresses & leggings. If you need to ease into these...hide 'em under anything and smile your day away, knowing the fun that's your funky sock secret. My biggest tip is to choose a style that is sleek like stripes, chevron, polka dots. Think fashionable versus forgetful; avoid feeling like it's laundry or wacky tacky day.