"The student becomes the teacher"

This major closet overhaul was incredibly special for me and my brand. Not just because my client, Rosie, was truly "ready" and willing to make firm decisions on her stuff but also because she was gaining confidence in her own ideas of how she wanted to organize and treat this sacred space.

She was gaining closet clarity.

I showed up to an impressively prepped space. Rosie pulled everything, I mean everything out of her closet and into her living room--purses, belts, jewelry, pajamas...every drawer was emptied and every shelf was bare. We were both lit up by the idea of creating from a blank slate; a fresh canvas.

*Above is her closet BEFORE

We worked for three hours, separating things into piles for trash, Goodwill, and consignment options. Rosie was making decisions without looking back and quickly answering her own questions of "is it time to get rid of this"? She was affirming her ability to know herself, to know what was realistic and comfortable to wear, and what made her feel her absolute best.

During our time together, we created this space:

Rosie was in an organizational groove and was continuing to place final touches in her closet. I knew as I left that she was inspired, invigorated, and dedicated to creating a closet and wardrobe space that was intentional, functional, and freeing.

And that she did.

I am incredibly inspired by her ability to take the concepts and ideas I shared with her, and apply them in a way that makes sense for HER. The goal of my closet, wardrobe, and styling work is always to create for the individual; to tailor-make a look, a feeling, a space, that is uniquely fitting for their personality. Rosie embraced that very concept and trusted herself to complete the job in a way that is uniquely and wholly her. Just check out the text picture I received of her "cami" drawer. Bravo Ro!

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