America The Brave... & Stylishly Bold

Yesterday was a big day for the U.S. of A as the men's national soccer team defeated Nigeria in a "friendly" at the EverBank Stadium in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL. ***I skipped to the end result because I really want to get to the photos of all of our outfits and shenanigans.*** We (me & the hubbbs and a rockin' couple friend of ours, Jay & Becca) started our day over coffee in St. Augustine Beach (see Stars & Stripes coffee mug that Becca drank out of and I used as an instagram photog prop; beautifully executed I might add)

US Soccer_Leah Lou 1

I took my "these colors don't run" look very seriously and with a "boho" twist, using my RWB tie-died kimono, a heavy mix & stack of bangles and beads, and tall black gladiator sandals (not pictured).

After a quick stop at Tar-jzay (Target) for additional America gear and booze, this troupe of red white and blue clad misfits descended upon a tailgate that would prove to remind us of our age and how much harder it has become to drink several hours in the sweltering sun.

US Soccer_Leah Lou 2

Jay found an American Flag foam visor at my beach house (paha who knows why it was still in the bathroom drawer after being worn on 4th of July years ago) and we felt it was the perfect "old man golfer" look for him. Whilst at Target Becca snagged a gorgeous floral necklace to complete her cream flowy top and we forced Matteo to wear this 3 dollah-make-you-hollah sparkly Uncle Same hat. And by forced I mean he was owning that look!

US Soccer_Leah Lou 4
US Soccer_Leah Lou 3

Aside from the "Captain America the Wrestler" look that one fan donned, I'm certain we all made the "best dressed" category. After all, I take my themes seriously people! Plus now I'm inspired to grab more America gear between now and the 4th.

Stay stylish & bold!