Realign Your Passion Project: A Quick Suggestion For Budding Entrepreneurs

aaaahhhh yes there's nothing like chronologically dating your blog posts to let you know how long it's been since your last internet confession...

it's been over three months since i posted last (guuuhhh) and it stings just saying that. i can't even claim to have been on a sabbatical, captured by an awesome group of music festival gypsies, or traveling on a wicked vacation; The only trip I've been on has been the ever-present spiritual journey through life. ha!

so, what all this tells me (and my intuition has been taunting me for months) is that it's time to realign and reconnect to the original intent of pursuing my passion, focus on what brings me joy and lights me up, and hustle hustle hustle like the mini-mogul i am!

The truth is I have been lazy to giving my all to "leah lou." I have not balanced the peaks and valleys that are the intensities of the love i have for, and the creativity i find in, being an entrepreneur. There are moments I give so much of myself, nearly exhausting amounts that are preceded by periods of fatigue and feeling "turned off" by crafting a blog post or a series of poignant "hashtags," taking the right photo angle after sourcing the best lighting, posting to every social media outlet, downing coffee like it harnesses some lifesource (it does), and the list drags on and on. On top of the roller coaster that is my daily drive, I am consistently choosing other ways to fill my time that are allotted for this work. It sounds gross typing it out but it must be articulated so it can be changed.

The scary thing is I know I am not the only passion-pursuing individual who feels or has felt this way. Maybe you feel like you're in a rut with your business. Maybe you feel like being a budding "entrepreneur" is a huge reality check (budget...whats a budget?). Maybe your gut or heart has been tugging at your brain saying "something doesn't feel right" or "this isn't why we left our high-paying 80 hour work week." I am taking the steps to realign my business and articulating them here for my benefit and anyone else who needs this jerk in a new direction.

Why is it a "suggestion?" Because i am no expert and I don't like being told what to do. For those like me, reading what I have to say, you can take it or leave it from this kindred spirit.

How to Realign Your Passion Project:

1. Call yourself out

all the things you haven't wanted to say aloud or have been thinking continually, need to be collected and then expressed honestly. I shared my thoughts with a trusted friend and mentor, over coffee today. it confirmed what I already knew and gave me a sense of accountability to do something about my inconsistencies.

2. Remind yourself of what it is that you love

do you need to blog? do you need to put together a faux tablescape to remind yourself of why you love being a wedding florist? do you need to go camping one weekend to remind yourself of why you love leading an outdoor nature camp for kids? ***i can keep coming up with zany examples but nothing works better than the example you live*** do those things as a way to check in with yourself on if you even like your passion anymore. this will bring clarity and either a renewed sense of purpose or the end of a chapter.

3. Review or Create Your "Core Values"

Core values are a great way to center the "how" of your business. how do you differentiate yourself and your services? what key words are important for you to have at the core of "what" you do. your core values are the moral code of your business that afford you another glorious concept...your brand filter. Core values are the building blocks to create the substance of your business through which you can filter decisions, potential clients or partnerships, goals, and projects through. If something doesn't fit, then it stays on the cutting room floor and you can move forward making stronger and stronger decisions that align with your brand.

A few of my core values are:

  • authentic

  • empowering

  • relatable

  • fresh perspective

  • vulnerability

  • fun/humor

Take the time to jot down buzzwords that make you and your business tick and above all, make you proud to have your passion. They will become your guiding force and well, your core :)

4. Insight Action to Make a Shift

All the best intentions don't score me or you, clients. Once I'm clear on my values and how they ought to shape my business, I now have to move, make, create, and focus on what I can do to keep my passion running. My action is going to require me to say no to using my "leah lou time" for things that take me away from it. Then my next action will likely be using that time to create more action. Look alive people, I'm getting into everyone's closets!

What do you find helps you realign? How do you shift and shape your focus for the things you love the most? I would love the advice and insight from those who are living this dream too.