What's Next

all has been quiet on this western front (well east coast front...) as I am taking on & diving into a new venture with a girlfriend of mine.

As if starting a website, building a personal styling business, and participating in a marriage wasn't enough to round out 2013 and kick 2014 off with. There's something about 20-somethings (yes, I used "something" twice, now 3-times a lady) when it comes to being "content" or "appreciating where you are." It's borderline revolting, a matter of concession, and plain old throwing in the towel if you decide to sit still and not think of "what's next." I think about many intimate conversations I've had with close girlfriends about what our lives will become, the pressures of settling into a career, into a relationship....hell, just settling. Gag. That being said, I've begun to look at those moments of yearning for change as a pulse from my gut, my intuition, from a place that needs passion. A creative outlet if you will. A place to embrace change, grow from what is learned, and experience it all by giving into the urge.

I stumbled upon this newer outlet by way of an acquaintance, turned styling client of mine, turned friend and confidant. Swell Kell, as she is dubbed, is a dynamic woman with big ideas and I wanted to help her launch her own youtube channel by way of sharing my own social media experiences, gained through Leah Lou. Our sessions turned into a collaboration and now a passion project. We decided to form the youtube channel,  "BlondiBruni," to put ourselves out there in an honest, no-frills, take-us-as-we-are format. We share a love for making things accessible to others, to a community, and utilizing the strengths of the different ways in which we see the world; specifically the way we see fashion, beauty, and wellness.

If you decide to join us on this journey there are a few things you can expect:

  • humor (we make up words, terms, sayings, and laugh a sh*t load)
  • talking with our hands
  • a yin and a yang (we share a love of fashion, beauty, and wellness but don't love, experience, and connect with the same things in the same ways. we don't ask that of you either)
  • honesty (good, bad, high, low...we have opinions and we share them openly & expressively)
  • imperfection (guess what? we embrace the fact that this is new to us, we're open to learning, and we're not claiming to be experts. plus we do better "off the cuff")
  • random dancing and singing sentences that mostly shouldn't be sung
  • vulnerability (posting videos of things we think are cool is scary and awesome. we are exposing ourselves in a way that ideally begets you doing the same. if we can put ourselves out there, maybe you'll consider that too & in many arenas of your life)

I will still be a stylist, a dreamer, a wife, a dog-mom and an explorer. And in doing so I'm diving into "what's next" with a wavelength that feels fun, and daring, and creative. I encourage you to look at your own "what's next" with a spirit of drawing nearer to that which makes you, you. It doesn't mean you're not good or great at the other things that fill your time, it doesn't mean you're unsettled around those that are looking for you to settle, it just means you are chasing a path to passion. Awaken and embrace my friends. Oh and watch a few of our videos.

BlondiBruni: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ55cBK1DNReHOcnFhqaaFg