Style Empowerment | Chambrayaday 30 Day Challenge Recap

Whether you followed my "chambrayaday" challenge or you’re just tuning in now, I’m recapping what I learned while donning a piece of chambray for 30 days straight (I did it! I did it! Shew!). Creating a challenge for myself to wear chambray in every outfit for a month became not only an experiment of self-discipline but also a social experiment in learning how to utilize (& be impressed by) social media for my personal styling business. Let’s kick off the re-cap by sharing a lesson-learned almost daily…

Take on a chambray challenge during guaranteed colder-weather months. I live in a land-locked city in Florida known for its humidity and fluctuating weather. Oh yeah, and mickey mouse. Wishful thinking does not give this girl cool weather in October and November; it just doesn’t happen. When I get hot I get anxsty and I'm pretty sure the heat of day 15 almost broke my spirit.

Even as a young girl, I struggled to keep a diary. Yet, this challenge became a style journal for me on instagram and pinterest, AND forced me to post on my blog almost daily. Something of which up until this challenge, I thought was impossible and frankly unappealing. I, and you too, can post, write, and create more frequently. You really can and it feels good! It just takes segmenting your time and buckling down.

Speaking of instagram…. social media, “selfies” and hashtags are a necessary evil. As much as they can be annoying or you wish the person would just say what they needed to say in the caption, when used properly for a business, hashtags can really boost your audience. I did not understand the impact of them until I was reaching people (really “likes” and “follows”) from all over the globe and from brands who appreciated something about my image.  Talk about a confidence boost!

"Selfies" are all well and good when you are a one-person team, but I learned that I strive for taking more time to capture sharper images of my personal style work and imagery for my blog. I want to understand how to manually operate a nice camera and get the shots I’m looking to achieve not just for my business but also for moments in the life of my dog, husband, family, and friends.


Okay team, let’s get to the nitty gritty slightly deeper stuff I function on…

You can push for creativity, just be mindful of when you begin to force it. Forcing things can force out the parts of you that make you tick, that make you come alive, that make you happy. I call these parts of you, your personal “brand.” Protect the parts of your brand that connect you to who you are. *i.e. I don't like/feel comfortable in pink so I did not wear any... and fuchsia doesn't count.*

Be flexible with the rules of your brand. Be open to new experiences, a new spin to your wardrobe or a new lip color (I now have three and I LOVE them). Give things a chance to grow on you without compromising what makes you beautifully unique. Perfect example of this was a day (maybe three) when I had ZERO black on in my outfit. A huge chunk of my personal brand is my love affair with black and I can still survive a day without it.

Don't seek the approval of others, seek the approval of ONE...yourself. It can be tough to rock your own style, color-choices, shoe-choices, a new haircut, etc. when you are listening to and swayed heavily by the opinions of everyone else but yourself; you love your choice but your friends think it's weird so you reluctantly change what you love. Talk about feeling gross. If you like something, wear it. If a friend is saving you some heartache in sharing their opinion, listen to what they are saying and take it through your own filter. If you can withstand the fact that not everyone will love your purple leopard pea-coat or neon yellow pumps, then you're doing just fine. The only catch is you MUST be aware that this is your choice so any consequences that come from them cannot be blamed on anything or anyone other than a choice you made. There is no "I told you so"s and there is no shaming.

Alright I'll let that marinate whilst I close with a few of my favorite outfits.

tortoise shell necklace bestsey johnson necklace gold monogram bracelets striped dress light denim chambray
Rosie the Riveter halloween costume using red bandana and denim shirt
tribal print scarf with fuchsia accents and silver accessories
aztec print dress with grey tights, fringe boots, denim, and a grey and black striped scarf
chambray denim top with spiked necklace, dotted skirt, and fuzy sparkle clutch
fuzzy scarf bold red lip bracelet stack and leopard flats