Day 29 Chambrayaday | Personal Stylist | Cozy with an Edge

cozy sparkle scarf with bronze tank and leopard flats

Fiiiiinally the temperature has dropped enough to stay chilly ALL DAY. If you live in Florida you know it can be cool in the morning and quickly change to muggy heat by midday, leaving every boot loving mama sad and stuck in layers we may never get to wear again. I threw my dark denim shirt on over a bronzey black top and black leggings. I utilized the glitzy sequins in the scarf to carry out the black gold and bronze colors in my bracelet stack and leopard print flats.

fuzzy scarf bold red lip bracelet stack and leopard flats

I snagged  this scarf at Anthropologie and I love this onetoo . I also took today's inspired edge to rock my new red lip color by hourglass cosmetics (snag it here).

Today I learned that you may be ready to rock a bold lip but your lips may not be! What do I mean by that? Well, to carry this color all day without feathering I needed a primer. Despite my intentions, my lipstick feathered and began to look like a cuh-razy Kool-aid mustache. Have no fear because I now have two primer options by Urban Decay per my make-up artist friend Kristin. It's too good to keep to myself so if you're looking to keep your pout in place give these two a spin.

1. primer potion

2. lip pencil

I wouldn't want you to go through the same clown make-up escapade as I did. Stay fabulous mamas!