Day 26 Chambrayaday | Graphic Lace

silver boots with black leggings, a graphic lace top, light denim, and a long necklace strand

On the 26th day of styling chambray for my 30 day challenge, I was headed to the mall to take my time doing something rare...going to the mall.

I knew I would be trying clothing on so I wanted to make that process fairly easy for myself. With these basic black leggings, it was a great way to quickly try tops and even dresses on (no thick wasit-band or zippers getting in the way) and evaluate each piece on it's own. The top beneath my light denim chambray is a cream-colored flowy top with a grey lace graphic overlay. I love the crispness of the two colors and the quality of the graphic. I received several compliments store to store and from an outfit I wasn't really that in love with. But that's the beautiful thing about compliments, they can make us smile and change our whole perspective...if we let them.