Day 25 Chambrayaday | Personal Style | UCF Tailgate Edition 2

leopard scarf and sunnies

As part of my 30 day chambray challenge, I've now had two UCF tailgates to wear chambray to and in my book, wear it differently. One of my close friends came in town to stay with us so naturally we had to document our personal styles (in UCF black and gold, of course) and a new lip color she let me try out ...

avaitors and Betsey Johnson sunnies

I styled today's tailgate look with my basic black dress, dark denim shirt, black booties, and a light-weight leopard scarf.

tailgate look: leopard scarf of denim shirt and black dress

Since I'm such a minimalist (cough*) I decked out my wrists in as many bracelets "felt right." I also wore two more on my other wrist (above photo), rings, and two necklaces.

stacks of bracelets and gold rings

As UCF was risking losing the game, and my husband was holding me tight, I had a moment of feeling grateful for his true minimalism. As cheesy cheeseburger as it sounds, we balance one another and he is my best accessory (with this fact set, I'll still bury myself in bangles!). It was a cool moment for me as we sat in the stands and enjoyed the rest of the game together.

Leah Lou Acessories