Day 16 Chambrayaday | Style Empowerment | Halloween Fun

Rosie the Riveter halloween costume using red bandana and denim shirt

Creating a Halloween costume around chambray was an absolute blast. Ironically enough, a character I referenced over a year ago when I originally wrote about chambray (read up, HERE ) was the perfect costume to represent my personal style message... empowerment.

Rosie the Riveter is an iconic American woman, representing those women who entered the factory work-force during World War II. My version of her rocks a bold, red lipstick to amplify the red in her headscarf.

Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume with a chambray shirt, red bandana, and combat boots

My modern-day version also wears shorts overalls 1. because they were what I had in my costume box (a valuable thing to store under your bed) 2. because it is blazing hot in Florida. Combat boots were another "must" when it came to creating this riveting (get it!) look.

After work, I took a bar workout class, where my instructor was even in the empowerment spirit!

Chambray Rosie The Riveter 16.2