Day 8 Chambrayaday | Chambray | Sparkly Skulls | Merch Madness

I originally dressed for today for reasons that are two-fold. 1. to go from work, to a brief yoga class (it didn't happen), then back to work. 2. to remain functional and nimble (even sans yoga???) while merchandising the store (we climb ladders, move furniture, constantly run shipping boxes out to the dumpster....we schlep!). I used my Bordeaux colored leggings as the base to which I added the same combat boots from yesterday, a grey sleeveless tee that's bedazzled with a skull (win & win) annnnd my light-denim chambray. I topped the whole she-bangle with these tassle earrings made from an old bracelet/necklace chain. They look like metal centipedes and add texture and movement, while framing my face.

sparkle skull shirt light denim chambray bordeux leggings

I will be forthcoming in that I ditched my chambray midday because after so much movement through visual merchandising, I was scorching hot in these layers. Hey, I live in Florida and as much as I pretend the temperature is dropping, we can still sit poolside in October.

left: making a tighter