Day 7 Chambrayaday | Chambray | Fresh Perspective | Sneaky Style

Today's look is all about making fashion work for you (which it should always because 1. it's your body. -- 2. it's your comfort-level. -- 3. fashion should not feel forced or out of reach). I knew I wanted to pair this short-sleeved chambray with a black skirt but realized a didn't own one that is strictly a skirt. I do however, own a sleeveless dress that has a fitted black skirt as the bottom portion. I pulled my loose-fitting shirt over the entire dress and voila! I worked a full day at the boutique and no one knew (until now) that I was concealing a dress, made to work for my outfit vision.

striped dress with denim short-sleeved shirt carved beads necklace cuff bracelets
combat boots boot socks

I paired today's look with my well-worn, well-loved, combat boots and grey knee-length boot socks for a touch of femininity (they have ribbons on the side). 

I added silver cuffs (one is a Latvian piece to honor my heritage and the other a find from my mother-in-law during a trip to New York) and grey and black beaded bracelets (Seasonal Whispers) to my right wrist and a cream, rose-carved beaded necklace to my neck.

aotd silver cuff bracelets rose carved beaded necklace seasonal whispers

I encourage you to look at your clothes differently and as multifunctional items that can expand your imagination. Plus, it's fun to get away with any style, sneaky style (re-framed here), that keeps you laughing to yourself all day.