Day 6 Chambrayaday | Chambray | Antiquing Style

I worked from home on Day 6 of my challenge so truth be told, I stayed in my bumming around clothes snuggled up with my dog until the afternoon. A girlfriend and I were planning to meet at an antique shop, Adjectives Market, rumored to have multiple vendors with well-kept booths (long-time visual artist, Sarah Ellin, has an excellent booth there called "Chinese Take-Out") and of course, unique vintage finds. For some reason I felt this treasure-troving merited adventurous head-ware which to me meant, a fedora.

iris apfel inspired black sunglasses fedora black vest light denim chambray shirt

I layered my chambray over a simple white tank and scalloped shorts, then topped the whole ensemble with my black blazer vest (I snagged this on a trip to visit my life-long best friend in Richmond, VA. It's been both versatile and a stylish way to remember our time together). For accessories I added my black gladiator sandals (Urban Outfitters), chain & tassle necklace (rando' consignment shop find), fedora (Therapie), and retro stunnah-shades (Tar-jay).


This was one of my favorite booths because of it's sharp jewel-tones, retro bar-carts, and gold accessories.  I even snagged that silver-rimmed white platter on the bottom right for eight bucks...8 bucks! In perfect condition and begging for Pottery-barnesque (stay with me, I constantly make up terms) table-scapes and Barefoot Contessa worthy dishes.


Following my haul of the platter, a skinny silver & texturized vase, and a large vintage suitcase I will certainly stack and craft into something clever, I learned more solidly, what decorating styles I gravitate toward. The market has a heavy shabby-chic, french kitchen, farmhouse vibe to it and as a whole I prefer more clean lines, modern touches, and deep versus white-washed hues. Oh and metal...flashes of silver and gold touches catch my eye (I'm like a bird). Really acquainting myself with this preference allowed me to make better purchasing decisions and walk away from items that seemed at the other end of my spectrum of tastes.