Day 2 Chambrayaday | Chambray | Orlando Stylist | Personal Style Fun

chambray david aubrey statement necklace striped tank

On Day 2 of my self-imposed 30 day challenge, I chose to style the very first piece of chambray I purchased. Consider your first chambray as a gateway drug of unruly button-down shirts, which will inevitably lead to blazers, feisty outer layers... maybe even a cape. I paired today's 'bray with another lululemon core piece--the striped cool racerback (CRB for all my lululemonheads) & a hi-lo tulip skirt by uber cozy Splendid. I completed the look with a David Aubrey statement necklace and metallic heeled boots by Chinese Laundry. To create a bolero effect (and to feel less like an elementary school art teacher) I knotted the ends of the shirt up on both sides. It felt more natural to me & complimented the shirt tuck. Try tying up your own button-downs in a way that works for you and your waistline. Just don't over-think the knot-age.

ootd red splendid tulip skirt light denim chambray david aubrey statement necklace striped tank gold boots

It's only day two and I'm already learning new things about myself (stay tuned for recap). You by no means have to wear chambray for 30 days to participate in this creativity loop, as I welcome anyone to share their chambray looks with me by way of #chambrayaday & posting your own photos. This way we can celebrate & have fun with the way each person wears things differently.