Day 12 Chambrayaday | Easy like sunday mornin'

There are those days when you can completely relax; become untangled from the days behind you and unconcerned with the days ahead of you. I call those days Sundays. When I have the luxury of being home on this day, I find it reinvigorating, recalibrating, and simply comforting. It's the day of the week I most enjoy my coffee (and mixing coffee creamer flavors) and enjoy the space that is our apartment. After a productive morning of cleaning and gaining our apartment back from all the pre-and-post wedding clutter, I had a girlfriend over for coffee talk and then spent the remainder of the afternoon doing absolutely nothing. Because I stayed within the confines of my now livable apartment, I really did not style an outfit for today. Every piece on my body served a functional purpose (including the coffee mug).

white bangbuster light denim chambray snakeskin sunglasses boyfriend crops

The headband tamed my post-tailgating all day, tresses, the sunglasses aided in walking the dog around our complex, and the outfit itself (more harem or drop-crotch crops, a soft "vintage-feel" american apparel v-neck tee, and my light chambray for the chill of the morning) felt like buttah'.

Yes, there are days I care very little about feeling "put together." I encourage you to embrace those days that exist for you. Again, you shouldn't have to force fashion or be hard on yourself when you try something new. Where's the fun in that? This life is about letting those around you, really see you, and I intend to do just that.