Day 10 Chambrayaday | Chambray | Pattern Play | Mix & Meld

I find that most of my friends, family, and clients have multiple personalities when it comes to what they like to wear or what I would call their "personal brand." The shocking thing is that the majority of this community of people believe these personalities should live separate lives, attend separate events, and rarely leave room for these personalities to intentionally thrive together. Recently, I helped a friend and client merge her "Nantucket prepster" with her bohemian side and her love of edgy pieces. During our time together, we created outfits and stylized looks that gave license for each characteristic to shine together (future post on this balancing act). On this day 10 of my challenge, I wanted to build my look from a gorgeous pair of leopard and studded flats, gifted to me by this same fabulous friend and client who caught me drooling on a pair from her closet.

renvy leopard ballet flats spiked gold cuff

I was equally inspired by a forest green circle skirt I recently purchased, and knew from the deep hue alone, that it would come in handy in my wardrobe annnnnd was going home with me! The skirt is a soft vegan leather (aka "pleather,"... let's not pretend people!) and fits in a way that makes the thought of "high-waisted," comfortable. It has pockets (ask any woman about this game-changer of a feature and there's no further discussion necessary).

renvy leopard ballet flats forest green circle skirt tartan plaid scarf

I added gold accessories to dress the look up and by way of different shaped bracelets, add texture to my wrist.

aotd tartan plaid scarf forest green circle skirt red bangle gold spiked cuff cocktail rings

I used my dark chambray shirt to play to the deep tone of the skirt, topped it with a cream sweater (J.Crew & it has a black bow printed on the neckline), and a tartan scarf that had a touch of mint green in the pattern. The beautiful thing about tartan is that as a print, it too can have multiple personalities. Depending on the setting and your use of the fabric, it can be preppy, 90s grunge aka Portland-worthy, outdoorsy or rustic/rugged.

denim shirt with jcrew cream bow sweater forest green circle skirt leopard flats gold handbag

With edgy touches, a tailored look, and tons of texture, I felt I merged a few different worlds to create a look that felt best for me. Take some time to explore your style buzzwords and see if you can find an arena for all of them to work together.