I'm inspired by a stellar conversation with an entrepreneurial girlfriend (shameless plug: check her work out at about social media, 30 day posting challenges, defiance, what mascara we want to try, the usual etc. etc. sprinkled with good humor. Following this flow of ideas & a gentle push from another close friend earlier today, I've landed on what I'd like my very own 30-day outfit challenge to be for my styling business Leah Lou & all its social media outlets. For the next 30 dizzz-zays, starting October 16th, I will be showcasing outfits that use chambray (reblogged here) as the focal point piece. You must know, when it comes to "challenges" I can look at them as "being told what to do" for which my defiant self cringes & wriggles around. I break challenges/diets almost immediately just to spite myself (odd, yes. predictable, yes.) Example: I've sabotaged two attempts at a 3-day juice cleanse and broke the first one on day 2 and the second one at 10:00p.m. after all the juices on day 3). This time, I fully intend to stick to my "chambray a day" challenge by wearing 1 of 4 pieces of denim/chambray that I own. Rotated heavily and with your help.


There are a few fun milestones during this month, that I'm looking forward to styling:

  • 3 days in Asheville, NC with people I have not seen in years (& will be seeing me in A LOT of chambray) & where one outfit must be wedding appropriate. *double challenge!*
  • Halloween costume using chambray (lumberjack? Brawny paper towel man?....also a lumberjack?)
  • 1 month wedding anniversary

I'm also encouraging you to join in on the fun by styling your own chambray looks and showcasing them on instagram @leahloustyle by hashtagging #chambrayaday and posting your pictures onto my facebook page. This way, we can inspire and empower one another; Your creativity will beget my creativity. I will gain accountability and a recalibration of what makes my defiance a strength.