More Ways Monday: Break-Up To Shake-Up

In the world of matching business suits, I believe there is no such thing as a bad break-up...

The easiest way to get more out of a wardrobe that requires suiting is to break that "matchy matchy" mess up! If you look at a grey pants and blazer combination as an outfit that MUST be worn together, then that is all it will ever be; the only change you will gain will come from wearing a different top underneath. Talk about shoving your creativity into a cubicle!

This "more ways monday" is challenging you to wear a black blazer with your grey pencil skirt, wear those gorgeous cream pants with your navy and cream striped blazer and a pop of mustard yellow or red underneath. See how many different combinations you can create within the options you have. When you allow yourself the fun AND function of mixing and matching your power suits, you gain longevity in your suiting and more options at your fingertips and in your wardrobe as a whole.


Yes, it's that simple and you still look sharp. Next time you feel like you have "nothing to wear" at the office or to an important business meeting, look outside the two-piece you've "always worn." Shake it up and give it a spin!