More Ways Monday: Work Out/Work In

I'm just coming home from an amazing closet purge and wardrobe reconfiguring for a client who is transitioning from the spandex of a professional dancer and fitness instructor, to what we both dubbed "real clothes." "Real clothes" is a street term that in some circles, equates to "business casual." These corporate clothes seem fun and professional looking at first but then somewhere along the way it gets old *unless of course, you continue to add your own spark to them--shew!* We spent time today building looks that could take her from casual morning coffee, to real estate office, then back home to her beautiful children; all without skipping a beat. During our time, I was reminded of my own move from working for lululemon athletica to building my own business. As someone absolutely enamored with their products, I enjoyed finding ways to work my workout clothes into my "other clothes". Building outfits to take me from my yoga mat to wine out with the girls or throwing boots on with my leggings from barre class, to make it to date night.

Just today, my  life-friend Caroline, of clumsycraftyhappy (read her, love her, & get inspired) also reminded me of the fun and functionality of some work out pieces and the new life created when mixed with non-workout pieces from your wardrobe. Since our time together (hell yeah she let me into her closet!) she's been fearlessly examining her closet pieces outside of the context she bought them and flawlessly executing her own work outfits. Cue reasonably priced Tar-jay workout top...

neon workout top with tribal skirt
she threw a crisp white blazer on it & now she's got corporate edge!

If you're looking to try this workout interjection I'm dubbing as "workout/work in," there are a few (i'm not kidding, few) tips that will make the transition and working in, easier

  • make sure there are no visible or distracting logos (if those are highly present then the jig is up!)
  • if it looks overly technical aka "techy" with stitches or patches in certain places i.e. articulated knees or elbows, or draw chords, or athletic looking zippers then it's tough to disguise it and create a cohesive look
  • the best leggings to work in are lululemon "wunder unders" because they provide amazing coverage & comfort

The best part is, these items are made to be breathable so you should feel and smell better in this year-round Florida heat and humidity!

As always, have fun and find what's right for your unique style. The goal of "more ways monday" is to build perspective and broaden the scope with which you view your wardrobe and the individual items in it.