More Ways Monday: Chartreuse Is Loose!

Today's "more ways monday" is focused on the glorious color chartreuse; it's both soultry sounding and a challenging word at a spelling bee (can you use it in a sentence? i can't stop spell-checking it!) Before we begin creating looks around this color, I'm providing a brief history lesson on what this color is, where the name is derived from and why it is uh-mace-sing for anyone. yes, anyone. what is "chartreuse" anyway?

  • a color halfway between yellow and green named because of its resemblance to the green color of one of the French liqueurs (introduced in 1764). *heads up: there is chartreuse green and chartreuse yellow
  • chartreuse yellow is a yellow color mixed with a small amount of green that was named because of its resemblance to the color of one of the French liqueurs called yellow chartreuse introduced in 1838
  • the liqueur was made by monks who lived in monasteries known as “chartreuse” meaning charter houses (possible racketeering before there were rackets? ...inception!)
  • according to they introduced a chartreuse crayon in 1972.
first piece bought from Therapie Boutique and first worn the evening I got engaged :)

Now there are even more "yellowy" versions of chartreuse that start to lend themselves to citron(according to Merriam Webster, a fruit resembling a lemon but larger with little pulp and a very thick rind) & citrine(a yellow gem-stone)

Alright, moving on before this post needs an annotated bibliography...

Chartreuse, citron, and citrine are all finding their way into women's closets this season as a bright, cheery, and sophisticated color pop. Where neon was big last year (and always big on truck-stop t-shirts & in spring break infested cities), chartreuse is turning heads and keeping it classy. The outfit inspirations I'm showing are more on they "lemony" side of chartreuse and all feature the same gorgeous cinch-waist dress, from splendid, with six ways to wear it.

1. Blues and bronzes look great with chartreuse, keeping the warmth of the yellow undertones both calm and cool.

vest and dress by splendid. necklaces (longest to shortest) from anthropologie, a local tea shop & artist co-op, therapie boutique

2. Cream and gold are feminine touches to chartreuse. I added turquoise for a punch!


3. A floppy hat takes this look outdoors and even poolside. I added some tribal print flair with the pendant necklace.


4. Leopard print looks wonderful with chartreuse and allows for black, brown, gold, and even tortoise shell accessories.


5. A sequined blazer, sweater or vest takes chartreuse from day time to sparkly time (my favorite time of day) without skipping a beat.

sequinned blazer unique find at an antique mall & elastic belt came with an old dress

6. Silver and blush/soft rose pair well with yellow chartreuse and give it a "shabby chic" or romantic feel. I took a flouncy skirt and pulled it over the entire dress to conceal the bottom part and appear as if a "shirt" were tucked in.


BONUS: I used one of the brooches featured hereto tie the necklace into the silver lace overlay of the skirt.


Chartreuse is a beautiful way to be bold. As always, make this color your own & have fun doing so!