More Ways Monday: The Dress Sash

Welcome to the second round of more ways monday! whoooop whoop whOOp whoop! Today's "more ways monday" is focused on a small length of cloth known as the dress sash. You know the ones... these sashes are found most often on the waistline of jersey-knit dresses, may be attached by two tiny loops of thread, and are the same color as the dress.

Jersey Knit with Sash

Some people have been tempted to toss the sash and add a different belt of their choosing---one that provides texture and contrast. Now I'm alllllll about throwing on a different belt AND utilizing that sash elsewhere; giving more life and identity to these puppies rather than getting lost against the background of the same color dress.

Thanks to two courageous women (mom and makeup artist Kristin & dog mom and entrepreneur Caro) who let me into the personal space that is their closets, I realized how quickly we can stick to the belt that matches the dress and not think twice. On these two separate occasions I was confronted with dresses that came with solid, bright color sashes. In both closets I noticed these women also owned a black and white graphic print dress that screamed for a pop of color. Enter...the solid color sash!

Pattern & Sash

Suddenly there was new life, a color to gravitate toward, and a new spark in their eyes. You too might have these sashes and can get cuh-razy creative with ways to wear it.  You could also work a thin summer scarf as a belt for the solid color dress you juked the sash from!

My dear friend Caro workin' her new versatile look