More Ways Monday: Red White and Bluezy

Happy memorial day everyone and happy weekly posting commitment keeping to me! In honor of the nationalism that this day embodies, we will be looking at the stellar color combination that is red, white, and blue. I'm giving it a bit of a twist by throwing aqua into that mix and also pairing this "Americana color palette" with black (my personal love-affair-of-a-color) for a starker contrast.

Now I don't know if I've been spending too much time on Pinterest or getting flooded with emails from jcrew but either way I am snatching up red, white, blue and aqua combinations like it's free sample saturday at costco!

Let's wave our flags, pledge allegiance, and get inspired...


Color Breakdown: Red is a such a strong color that some women reserve for holidays and particularly the winter months; usually opting for pink in the spring and summer. The reds I have come to love are deep bold reds or "tomatoey" burnt orange reds, as they lend themselves well to gold accessories.

White is amazingly crisp and as a Floridian, we can get away with wearing it year-round (be careful here because we've all seen people in wal-mart "get away with" some hot mess looks). A beautiful dimension to white and this color combo is that cream can be subbed in and become a soft accent to the deep red and blue. This is especially beautiful and feminine in a lace top or bottom.

Now I've always loved bright shades of blue while viewing navy as a more "preppy" option. Since I ask you to be open to perspective, I do the same and have opened myself up to how gorgeous this color is and how much life it has beyond being a basic neutral in some closets.


The amazing part about these color combinations (also my "more ways monday" deliverable) is options. You can take it in a preppy or nautical direction, make it more tribal or bohemian depending on the print you choose, or you can dress it up and take your look from daytime to a night out all while giving a nod to patriotism.

The colors I'm encouraging you to add and play around with are the aqua and the black. As always, go where you're led/what you're drawn to and enjoy the process of putting pieces together that best suit you and your individual style.


Enjoy your holiday and empower your sense of style!

- Leah Lou