Introducing "More Ways Monday"

Welcome to a new concept and weekly posting commitment of mine entitled... "more ways monday." I am changing the face of Mondays as we know it! They're not manic, they're not dreadful, and they certainly deserve respect as a day ending in "y" On Mondays, I will be writing and showing (for my fellow visual learners) more ways to wear a particular color, a certain style of dress, a boot, how to tie a scarf, etc. Basically the possibilities are endless because I aim to provide more perspective and appreciation for a clothing item or style, beyond it's seemingly one-dimensional or one "look" purpose.

This also taps into my belief system and "style mantra" around purpose, perspective, and personality in and for all things. Style is not merely clothing and dear geeeez..definitely not a "trend" to ebb and flow like the tide. Style is about elevating and transcending a perceived notion of who someone "thinks" or tells you, you are, or the idea that a necklace is just a necklace, a t-shirt is just a t-shirt.

No, I have not been snorting sequins

I am on a mission to facilitate you in allowing yourself a personal sense of self through your style, giving your clothing new life, giving yourself a break from the style and fashion dictation and noise of the world, and discovering new ways to wear and rock what you choose.

So simple as that each Monday I will share ways to get more out of your wardrobe. They are suggestions and ways to be creative; the choice to try them is yours.