Turban Time

(transferred from my former tumblr; originally posted on Jan 31 2012)

I've been curious about the turban look and how it can accentuate long hair, become a focal point to simpler outfits, or a change of pace to the normal look of a scarf. Thanks to countless tutorials on Pintrest I decided to give this bad boy a try.

Not for the faint of heart...the turban is neither a boxer brief dropper nor a piece to wear to please a crowd. This headpiece takes courage and a sense of humor to combat the looks and comments of others. I took this look to work and received feedback like "I...I think I LOVE it," "OMG, you WOULD wear that and make it work," "I'm not sure about that" and my personal favorite "alright, Harriet Tubman."

I took this look home and got chuckles to the point of a beet-red face from my boyfriend. Like I said, not a boxer brief dropper to my t-shirt wearing, soccer playing, buffalo wing slinging, average bear of a (might I add amazing) boyfriend. However, he knows I will wear what I like and it's usually more for me than anyone else and for that, I will lead the underground path to fashion freedom ANY DAY!