Crazy For Color

For someone who loves and lives for black, I am certainly wearing less (relative term) of it and sprinkling color back into my wardrobe. I’m blaming the Florida heat on this one and the resurfacing of the color-blocking trend AGAIN. It’s much stronger this second go around and creating many successful runway and sidewalk looks. Neon pieces are certainly giving color-blocking a boost, but is it just having a second go around? Where have I seen this before? If you’re a child of the 80s early 90s, think school supplies and stationary must-haves. Think Lisa Frank.

Holy psychedelic chic ... stickers, pencils, erasers, notebooks, file folders… you name it, I begged for it. Yes those radioactive kittens and dancing dolphin backdrops were the perfect way to show you were hot stuff in class and on the playground.

Better yet, gender neutral Trapper Keepers really ruled the bus stop and if you were as deprived as me, you swindled your carrot sticks and pb&j sandwiches to score one of THE baaaadest, brightest, and color-blocked 3 ring binders. It had a Velcro closure. End of story.

If this doesn’t resonate with you oldie-hawns, then how about the strong statement piece that is the nylon tracksuit. What better representation of color-blocking than these bad boys. Who cares if the colors clash? Who cares if you’re really working out? You match head to toe and can easily be spotted looking sporty and flashy at a moments notice.

Fast forward, and bottom line. There are right and wrong, weak and strong ways to color-block so listen up. The important piece is that you try it out for yourself and see what works for you. An easy place to start is with turquoise accents. Turquoise pairs beautifully with lavendar, hot pink, green, coral, yellow, yadda yadda, every color. From there you can start building color families. Pick a genre or category and put potential outfit choices through the filter of the chosen genre.


    • Brights (anything punchy, bold, or obviously eye-catching)
    • Jewel-tones (emerald green, deep purple, sapphire blue)
    • Warm colors (pink, red, orange, yellow)
    • Cool colors (green, blue, purple)

*add a jade or emerald triple stranded necklace to this and a metallic clutch

    • Soft colors (think pastel Easter eggs, grandma’s beach condo)

Build your look from there. Do what fits your personality or how you feel that day, in that moment. Style is about how you carry, not what you carry. If it starts to feel forced or like you fell right out of a Disney movie, then scrap it. Fashion is fun, playful, and a step outside of your norm. I’m surviving my break from black and so can you.

Photos courtesy of Therapie Boutique in Jacksonville, FL. Owner Krista Nilsson does a beautiful job of carrying and styling the looks you see above. You can shop her website at or visit her facebook page