Given the option, I will usually choose black… or sequins. Lots of sequins.

I don’t take myself too seriously and seek to find the humor and wisdom in life’s experiences.

I am a chronic double-dipper.

I love to work with my hands and indulge in challenges to create.

I have a healthy obsession for mixing multiple flavors of coffee creamers into my coffee.

I’m a sucker for the unique or one-of-a-kind.

I believe in the power of personal choice and personal style and know that those qualities only happen through vulnerability.

Anthropologie is my happy place.

Intuition is my guide and my compass.

Leah Lou is a wardrobe & personal styling service that aims to empower your sense of self AND your sense of style.

Through compassion and collaboration, we strengthen your confidence, your ability to let go of clothes and feelings that no longer serve you, and we discover the style that is beautifully and uniquely you.

Leah Lou Style is the culmination of my life experiences in retail, visual merchandising, mental health counseling, personal vulnerability, and the willingness of others to let me into their closets.



Believe it or not, your closet says a lot about you.

Memories and moments of time, phases of life, habits, likes and dislikes… versions of yourself that hang in your closet, are folded into drawers, and are available to you everyday.

I give you the personal attention, a genuine and caring approach, and honest feedback to facilitate YOU making decisions on your wardrobe and making changes for yourself. You do NOT have to prescribe to trends, you do NOT need a whole new wardrobe - you just need someone to lovingly (and in good humor!) guide you through this personal space and create a fresh perspective.

What else am I up to? ...


I have a passion for creativity, a love for my community, & a drive to use my gifts (& gumption), so I don’t just stop at leah lou. 


freelance writing

I am currently a Staff Writer for Disfunkshion Magazine, a free-spirited and empowered woman's publication that celebrates the artistry of women all over the world. I specialize in interviews and personal musings on topics that are both soulful and thought-provoking. I provide both digital and print content and jump at the opportunity to share someone's story powerfully.   

Send any freelance writing inquiries to leahloustyle@gmail.com

Chloe Lane Boutique

I help all types of women put together unique gifts for the many occasions in their life. Working alongside the owner, Rosie, for 7 years has afforded me strong client relationships and a unique perspective on the lives and journeys of these very women. I have become a buyer for her boutique as well as a trusted strategist and sounding board for her business goals.